Household wipes

As the leader in biodegradable fibers, we are offering dedicated, fully biodegradable household solutions, both for general and specialized applications.

We are following the principles of caring technology, using different types of nonwovens for each wet product category. Thus, we are able to make our products more environmentally friendly, but also offer optimal solutions to the consumers. We are pioneers, developing and using innovative, environmentally friendly nonwovens, such as Tricell and Relife (which contain recycled fibers).

We have a comprehensive offer of fully biodegradable solutions for all shelves and categories.

Household wipes are not just wet wipes. Ecowipes also has a wide range of dry products, available on rolls or boxed. We are continuously expanding this product category and working on further innovations.

Our clients can adjust the products to their needs and expectations.

The final effect depends on the client’s choices of:

  • the nonwoven from our wide range of biodegradable solutions;
  • the appropriate lotion for the given product type;
  • the pack count;
  • the type of packaging; all of our packagings are designed to be suitable for circular economy (i.e. made with reused materials and/or recyclable).