Cosmetic pads

Our portfolio includes different variants of cosmetic pads:

3L technology

Our durable, high-performance pads made with innovative, patented 3L (3-layered) technology are soft and absorbent. 100% pure virgin cotton on outer layers and a special fiber mix on the inner layer prevent the pads from delaminating and keep the outer cotton surface soft.

100% cotton

100% cotton pads are fully biodegradable and compostable. At Ecowipes, we manufacture cotton pads using the 3 layers technology which means the outer layers are always made with virgin cotton fibers and only the inner layer is made of internally processed skeletons. Our cosmetic pads are very soft and absorbent, with a gentle, smooth surface free of neps.

100% organic cotton

Organic cotton used in Ecowipes cosmetic pads originates from certified organic plantations. Organic cotton plantations maintain and improve soil fertility without using toxic, persistent pesticides and fertilizers, Furthermore, organic production excludes any genetic modifications.

Unbleached cotton

Unbleached cotton undergoes less extensive treatment in the fiber preparation process. The treatment consumes less chemicals, thus reducing the environmental impact. Unbleached cotton fibers are smoother and more delicate, and the nonwoven made with those fibers has a more natural, slightly beige hue.

Our clients can adjust the products to their needs and expectations.

The final effect depends on the client’s choices of:

  • the nonwoven from our wide range of biodegradable solutions;
  • the pack count;
  • the type of packaging; all of our packagings are designed to be suitable for circular economy (i.e. made with reused materials and/or recyclable).