Ecowipes is an inspiring environment where every day brings new opportunities.

We are a family business with a global perspective. We foster our employees’ growth in a community based on mutual respect and support. We value diversity and know how to best use it – that is our secret to good work relations, something we take great pride in.

Get to know Ecowipes

We are a leader in innovations, but we owe our success to our people. At Ecowipes, we appreciate skills and competencies as much as passion and creativity.

Our competent and committed team is our greatest strength and pride. We are investing in our employees’ growth by funding training courses and coaching, certification courses, and of course through promotion opportunities.


At Ecowipes, excellent workplace atmosphere
is not the only benefit. Here’s what’s we have to offer:


Funding of training
courses and coaching

Life insurance


Parking lot
for employees



Growth and promotion


Recruitment stages

1. Application

Please use our easy and convenient application form below the job listing. If you use the form, you will also be able to review our personal data processing policy.

2. Analysis and selection of applications according to professional experience and skills.

Make sure your resume is up to date and includes the key information on your professional experience and skills.

3. Interview

Phase I – Phone conversation

Help us get to know you! First, we will call you. The phone conversation is an opportunity to exchange crucial information on the position and your expectations.

Phase II – Recruitment meeting

We can hold a meeting in person or remotely, depending on our mutual arrangement.
During the meeting, we will want to get to know you better and discuss your experience, career plans and motivations. We will also answer your questions and give you a detailed description of our company and the position you are applying for. You will also find out what the next recruitment stages will be and when they will happen.

4. Decision and feedback to candidates

If you have any more questions after the meeting, do not hesitate to call the Recruiter! If your career plans change during the recruitment process, please notify us. We always contact candidates to inform them of our decision.

Job offers

If you share our values, join our dynamic, well-oiled team today.

Haven’t found an interesting offer?

Send us your resume and a brief description of your skills. We will call you when we start recruiting for a position you might be interested in.

Training workshops and internships

Every year, we organize paid training workshops for 4th- and 5th-year university students. The workshops are a great opportunity to gain valuable experience by working on actual tasks with our team. After completing the workshop or internship, the best graduates will have the opportunity to find employment in our company.


Get to know our organizational structure

1. Product planning and development

Trade Department

Did you know we manufacture mainly private labels for our clients? When a client wants to develop a new product or change an existing one, their first point of contact is the Trade Department which will handle and coordinate the entire process with other departments. Our products are available in multiple countries, which is why our primary language of communication is English. Knowledge of any other foreign languages is most welcome.

Research and Development Department

This is where recipes, formulations and fragrance compositions of our new products are created. Our R&D Specialists develop manufacturing specifications and the necessary documentation to ensure that our products are safe, perform their functions and maintain high quality. The R&D Department has created numerous patented, innovative products for our company.

Marketing Department

Our team of Product Managers handling the implementation processes of new products. They participate in developing new concepts and are also responsible for the design of our packagings. The Marketing Department prepare informational and promotional materials for our clients.

2. Preparation for production

Production Planning Department

This department develops production plans and determines the demand for raw materials. In other words, they plan what, where and how much are we going to manufacture. Their plans are roadmaps which ensure that our production process can flow without unnecessary interruptions.

Purchase Department

Here, it’s all about buying the right raw materials from local and international suppliers for optimal prices and at the right time.

Customer Service / Logistics Department

The purpose and responsibility of this department is to make sure that the products ordered by our Clients are delivered on time. The department handles all orders, as well as transport and delivery plans.


A system of state-of-the-art high storage warehouses. Here, our front forklift and reach truck operators load and unload raw materials and finished products. The Warehouse operations are supported by a team of specialists coordinating traffic and the circulation of warehouse documentation.

3. Product quality

Production Department

Our production department is a cutting-edge, automated environment. Our plant is mostly self-reliant – we are manufacturing our own nonwoven which is then used to manufacture pads, buds and wipes. We also manufacture our own lotions for wet products. Packagers, Operators and Leaders work together as a team to deliver products meeting our clients’ expectations.

Maintenance Department

Our state-of-the-art machinery stock is closely supervised by our Experts – Mechanical Engineers, Technicians and Control Engineers who make sure our machines are always in good repair.

Quality Control Department

By conducting daily tests, our Laboratory Technicians and Microbiologists make sure that all of our products maintain high quality.

4. Supporting departments

Quality Assurance Department

This department is responsible for implementing and monitoring procedures, verifying the production process parameters, and conducting audits to assure quality in accordance with our standards.

Occupational Health & Safety Department

This department is responsible for work safety at Ecowipes which is our top priority. OH&S Department not only conducts regular work safety training for our employees, but actively looks for new solutions to make our work healthy and comfortable.

Administration & Infrastructure Department

This department is responsible for supplying our employees with the correct tools and managing the company buildings to ensure safety and comfort of work.

HR Department

Here is where your resume will go! Aside from handling personnel, payroll and recruitment matters, the department also helps our people acquire new skills and competencies which are crucial for our company to keep growing.

Accounting Department

This department is responsible for handling all financial and accounting processes.

Controlling Department

Our production in numbers and data. This department provides analyses and reports which allow us to monitor our operations and create ambitious plans for further growth.

IT Department

The department is responsible for our IT hardware and systems, providing us with the information and tools to make our work easier.