Our approach

Ecowipes is caring technology,
integrated manufacturing
and eco awareness


We are a modern, young and rapidly growing company. Every day, our people build an inspiring environment in which we are developing our innovative products.

Through our caring technology, Ecowipes offers natural, green solutions to make daily chores easier. We make sure to keep our eyes and minds open to the needs of our clients and our planet. Innovative technologies make it possible for us to stay true to our core beliefs.


Ecowipes Values

Comfort and safety
Making the life easier and minimizing the risk.

Loyalty and ambition
Small steps lead to great achievements.

Caring technology
It makes everything possible!

Eco awareness
The Earth needs us!

Eco awareness

At Ecowipes, we promote natural products and integrated, environmentally-friendly production technology.

By offering natural and biodegradable products, we want to grow eco awareness. Our key value is innovativeness, i.e. the ability to improve our products not only in technical but also environmental terms. Eco awareness is present at every production stage.

Our environmental policies follow the 3R principle. We always try to stay ahead of the regulators, and to create market trends in order to be able to offer novelty products to our clients. Anticipating market needs before they materialize is the main driver of our growth.

Ecowipes’ trademark is innovativeness which allows us to create attractive and environmentally friendly products, and keep them reasonably priced.

We are focused on expanding our offering of biodegradable nonwovens based on natural fibers to give consumers meaningful choice of environmentally friendly products. Our goal is to change what major retail chains are putting on their shelves, so that environmentally friendly products are both widely available and reasonably priced.


Founded in 2011, Ecowipes is a young, cutting-edge company focused on manufacturing private labels for our clients.

Our first production line was launched in 2012. From the very beginning, we have offered our clients 100% cotton wipes and a unique mix of cotton and viscose which we call “cotton inside”. Our production lines are fully integrated and have outstanding flexibility. We are able to manufacture any type nonwoven for pads and wipes (standard, natural or innovative such as Tricell, Long Life or 3L). We also have a broad portfolio of high-quality products which meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients and consumers.

Our history


Opening of second Ecowipes plant- fifth Ecowipes nonwoven line).


Opening of nonwoven production line in Hydra fourth Ecowipes nonwoven line).


Expansion of the machinery stock for the wipes production lines.


Opening of the third nonwoven production line for Tricell and flushable nonwovens.


Take-over of the French company Hydra – manufacturer of cotton products with over 80 years of experience – and the establishment of Ecowipes Group.

Expansion of the machinery stock for the pads and buds production lines.


Launch of the second nonwoven production line. Separating production of nonwovens for wipes and pads.


Developing our patented 3-layered solution.


Founding of Ecowipes


Our innovation-oriented policy and focusing on our clients’ private labels allow us to meet even the most challenging expectations of our partners worldwide.

Ecowipes uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality products.

In our operations, we follow the principles of sustainable development and the international guidelines on environment protection. Our production management quality is confirmed by the relevant certificates, as is our occupational health and safety management. We have also successfully completed the social audit. Our extensive quality control mechanisms and frequent audits conducted by our clients guarantee safety on each production stage.

The quality of cosmetic products is related not only to the active ingredients, but also to the proper management of the production and logistic processes (i.e. selection and supply of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and shipping).

To ensure that our products are completely safe, our physico-chemical and microbiological laboratories conduct regular tests of raw materials and finished products using cutting-edge laboratory analysis technology.

All of our processes are focused on ensuring that we are able to deliver on our top priorities, i.e. the safety and quality of our products.


We are undergoing the certification process annually and every year, we receive top grades. Our products are closely monitored and checked on each production stage.

The 3R Approach

Our operations follow the 3R principles. Each stage of our products’ life cycle impacts the environment.





Less plastics means less waste

We are working towards reducing the resources consumption in every step We are implementing innovations which allow us to:

1. Reduce the plastics contents in our products

  • With our wide range of biodegradable products, we are able to offer completely plastic-free solutions to our clients. In 2021 alone, we managed to reduce the amount of plastics released into the environment by 1,700 tons by replacing the conventional viscose+PET nonwoven with the innovative Tricell nonwoven.
  • Pursuing sustainability, we have also eliminated plastic buds and switched our production to paper buds.
  • In our flagship 3L pads technology, we have replaced polyester fibers with biodegradable PLA fibers.

2. We are reducing the plastics content in our packaging materials

  • Wherever possible, we are using packaging materials made from renewable raw materials, mainly paper.
  • For wet wipes, the package must provide an adequate barrier to ensure the safety of the product, which is why we are still using plastic foil packaging. In order to minimize its environmental impact, we are offering single-material recyclable packages. Furthermore, we are making our packagings leaner by reducing the plastics content in individual packages by 15% to even 40%.

3. We are reducing the raw materials consumption

  • In our processes, we are always trying to optimize the consumption of raw materials. Therefore, wherever possible, we are offering products that are lighter but retain all of their values. A good example of this approach are the 3L cosmetic pads. In terms of usefulness, the 160 gsm 3L pads are non-inferior to 220 gsm 100% cotton pads. Reduced consumption of raw materials is more economical and environmentally friendly.

4. We are optimizing logistics

  • When designing outer boxes for our products, we always focus on the most optimal solution. By increasing the number of products on the pallet, we reduce the carbon footprint of shipping of our products.

5. Smaller carbon footprint

  • In 2021, our plant was awarded the White Certificate, i.e. the Energy Efficiency Certificate, by the President of the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE) for switching the entire lighting system of our plant to LED. This upgrade will allow us to save an estimated 25.47 toe/year (ton of oil equivalent/year) on the final energy, and reduce the CO2 emissions by 246.29 tons/year.


Why throw stuff away?

We are working towards reducing the resources consumption in every step

1. Nonwoven production

  • On the nonwoven production lines, we re-process the cellulose pulp flushed during the water entanglement process (50 kg/h).
  • We re-process, disentangle and reuse the fringes of the nonwoven which are removed during the production of the roll.
  • We are working on a zero-waste solution for water circulation.

2. Pads production

  • Nonwoven skeletons from pad production are re-processed, disentangled and directed to the middle layer in subsequent production cycles of nonwoven for pads.

3. Package design

  • We are continuously looking for improvements in the formulas and solutions for the production of packagings from recycled materials. The vast majority of our outer boxes are already made only with recycled materials. We are also looking for new solutions for using recycled materials with foil.
  • Ecowipes is educating our partners to reduce bleaching of outer boxes and coating them with UV varnish which considerably extends the life of the box and makes it easier to recycle.


Use it again

We are increasing the percentage share of recycled materials in our products:

1. Nonwoven

  • Nonwoven, just like any other raw material, can be decontaminated and reused. Natural fibers can also be recycled. As part of our innovations, we are implementing nonwovens containing recycled fibers (e.g. Relife fibers).

2. Packaging

  • We make sure that the raw materials are recirculated and reused as many times as possible. We design our packages to be fully recyclable. At the same time, we are also committed to using recycled materials in our existing packages (rPP, rPE, carton).