Cosmetic wipes

Ecowipes is a leader in manufacturing biodegradable cosmetic wipes (for children, refreshing, makeup remover, wet toilet paper). Our product range includes both dry and wet wipes. We are using natural fibers and gentle lotions with maximum water and active ingredient content.

Our company is one of the few in Europe ready to switch to completely biodegradable products only. Our innovative Tricell nonwoven will revolutionize the market standards and replace traditional wipes with sustainable, cellulose-based products. We are working towards minimizing the environmental impact of our wipes, not only in terms of the finished products, but the production process as well. For this purpose, we are using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technologies and internal recycling.

We have a comprehensive offer of fully biodegradable solutions for all shelves and categories.

Our clients can adjust the products to their needs and expectations.

The final effect depends on the client?s choices of:

  • the nonwoven from our wide range of biodegradable solutions;
  • the appropriate lotion for the given product type;
  • the pack count;
  • the type of packaging; all of our packagings are designed to be suitable for circular economy (i.e. made with reused materials and/or recyclable).


Our Research & Development team has considerable experience in developing gentle, skin-friendly and efficient lotions for various applications, tailored to skin type and the target age group.

The safety of lotions manufactured by Ecowipes is confirmed by our in-house physico-chemical and microbiological laboratories. In preparing the safety reports for our products, we also work with external laboratories.

Advantages of our lotions

The selection of
active ingredients

High water

Perfumes without

Short ingredients
list (acc. to INCI)