Ecowipes is a European leader
in natural personal hygiene
and child care products.


As the manufacturer, we are responsible for the choice the consumers have at the store shelf.

Our goal is to drive change in the retail chains, so that they put on their shelves only products which do not contaminate the environment with plastic. For this purpose, we are offering a comprehensive range of biodegradable products.

Cosmetic wipes

Household wipes

Cosmetic pads

Cosmetic buds

Environmentally friendly offering

Ecowipes is an environment protection-oriented company.

To us, environment protection is much more than just a slogan. Our philosophy and production processes are based on eco awareness, which we are also actively and proudly promoting.

As the manufacturer, we are responsible not only for the choice of products available to the consumers, but also for the impact which our operations have on the environment. We are working to protect the environment on many levels. We are a leader in biodegradable nonwovens with solutions for each product category. Environmentally friendly packaging is one of our priorities – our packages are made with single material (reused if possible) and are as thin as possible. Closed circulation is another important aspect for us – we are continuously expanding the share of recyclable and reused materials.

raw materials





We are promoting products made with natural materials:

  • Cotton (including organic cotton)
  • Cellulose pulp
  • Viscose

Our packagings are recyclable and suitable for circular economy.

We encourage our clients to choose the following packaging types:

  • Paper – for dry products
  • Monomaterial (single-component) foil – for wet wipes
  • Foil containing recycled material – for cosmetic pads

Private labels

Ecowipes manufactures private label products
for all of the largest supermarket chains in Europe.

Full integration and on-site production make it possible for us to offer tailored solutions which meet our client’s exact expectations. We can offer guidance and support on every step of the way, from choosing the right fiber to delivering the finished product.

We are developing and manufacturing a broad portfolio of private labels and brands for international markets. Our presence on store shelves around the world is growing. When developing their private labels, retail chains take into account not only the price, but also the quality and the environmental impact of the products. They create exclusive labels available only in their stores. This allows them to quickly respond to market needs, the growing eco awareness and new regulatory requirements (such as the SUP Directive). Moving towards sustainable and biodegradable products gives them further competitive advantage.

Ecowipes is focused
on four product categories

Child care products

Child care products

Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products

Household products

Household products

Personal hygiene products

Personal hygiene products

We are focused on private labels, but we have also created our own two brands: Tami and Rapid Clean.

Through those brands, we want to show our innovations and interesting ideas for novelty products.

Rapid Clean

Product composition

We are using natural ingredients and fibers. Our strengths include excellent knowledge of market trends, flexibility, innovativeness and professional marketing support