Cosmetic buds

Ecowipes buds with 100% cotton heads have become quite popular among consumers.

Cosmetic buds were the first product manufactured by our company. From the very beginning we have been working to make them as innovative and environmentally friendly as possible. This approach has in fact kept us one step ahead of the EU regulations. For us, paper is the future – both in terms of buds themselves and the packagings. We are able to offer our clients a selection of paper buds, cotton heads and FSC boxes which are 100% recyclable. Thus, the final product is fully biodegradable.

The final product or individual components can have the FSC certificate for sustainable forest management or the certificate confirming that the cotton used for the heads is organic.

Our clients can adjust the products to their needs and expectations.

The final effect depends on the client’s choices of:

  • the material of the stick;
  • the type of the cotton head;
  • the pack count;
  • the packaging type – carton box, foil or PP box.