At EcoWipes we create innovative products. To present what we are capable of and to emphasize our strengths, we brought to life our own brand Rapid Clean with a broad range of original products. We divided it into wet and dry solutions for different purposes and applications.

Market observations:
EcoWipes developed nonwovens for household wipes:

  • a unique premium nonwoven
  • compostable in 80% (cotton and viscose mix with addition of special microfibres)
  • incomparably resistant
  • very absorbent
  • can be rinsed during a cleaning session
  • dry and wet variations
  • patterned
  • very thick (up to 80gsm)
  • a uniquepremiumnonwoven
  • two sided structure (one for scrubbing dirt and the other for polishing)
  • very resistant
  • can be rinsed during a cleaning session
  • dry and wet variations
  • 100% electrostaticnonwoven
  • veryefficientlycollectsdust
  • veryresistant
  • can be rinsed during a cleaning session
  • 100% natural and compostable
  • certified, organic variation is avaliable
  • very absorbent
  • can be rinsed during a cleaning session
  • don’t fray nor leave fibers
  • hypoallergenic

Longlife nonwoven

Since there was no real alternative to disposable PET household wipes, we decided to introduce a COMPLETELY NEW STANDARD that is RESITANT ENOUGH to be used for household use. This is our LongLife non woven that is available in many wet&dry variations. It’s THICK, it’s EFFICIENT and it’s RELIABLE. Apart from that, they are 80% compostable! These are GENIUNE DISPOSABLE TOOLS for every heavy cleaning.
Longlife non woven - EcoWipes

Double face wipes

These are one of their kinds – unique green non woven that is DOUBLE SIDED, hence MULTIFUNCTIONAL. One side is made of a special mix of fibers and it’s ROUGH, so that it efficiently SCRUBS dirt from various surface. The other, GENTLER side of our non woven is made of 100% COTTON and serves great when it comes to wiping off the dirt and polishing.

Double face wipes - EcoWipes

Electrostatic cloths

On a roll or in a box

Why is dust bad for health? It’s the home for house dust mites. It contains HIGHLY ALLERGENIC particles and it’s also ugly. HOW TO GET RID OF DUST THEN? It’s best to harness STATIC ELECTRICITY. We developed special nonwoven that is ELECTROSTATIC and attracts dust particles, leaving the surfaces clean and safe. These cloths are available on a roll or in a cardboard box.

Electrostatic cloths - EcoWipes

100% cotton wipes

Natural and eco-friendly

UNIQUE alternative for those wanting to use disposable cleaning wipes and whishing to stay natural and eco-friendly. 100% COTTON patterned non woven not only is fully COMPOSTABLE, but also VERY ABSORBENT in comparison to standard cleaning wipes made from viscose-PET fibers. They are also resistant and can be rinsed.

100% cotton wipes - EcoWipes

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