EcoWipes offers wide range of cosmetic pads.
We use different nonwovens to offer three standards:
  • 100% cotton
  • 3L(patented technology)
  • Duo Clean Max

We can produce them in various shapes:
  • round
  • square
  • rectangular
  • oval

We can offer different patterns on surface:
  • stripe
  • honeycomb
  • diamond
  • baby pattern

What decides of a cosmetic pad quality?
Softness, resistance to delamination and absorptive properties. Knowing that, we developed a unique technology that enables us to produce 3 layers pads with 100% pure cotton on external layers and a special mix of resistant fibers inside. 3L pads have no neps, do not delaminate, are very absorbent and superbly soft to the skin.
One side of the pad is absorbent and efficiently removes make-up, facials, light fluids and face masks. The other side is waterproof. It is perfect for applying moisturizers, make up, facial masks, lotions, serums and other cosmetics.
EcoWipes buds with 100% cotton heads have gained recognition among consumers in the whole Europe, Canada and the USA.

Hygienic buds are the products that have been produced since the beginning of our company. Our buds production is automatized and fully integrated. Even multicolor sticks, cotton slivers and plastic boxes are manufactured in-house.We pack them into boxes with smart open-close system that we called "center press". Our colorful paper boxes may be FSC certified or they may come from recycled material. We are also capable of producing 100% compostable hygienic buds with paper sticks.
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