In our portfolio we have cosmetic pads made in three nonwoven options:

3L technology
Effective and resistant pads made in innovative, patented 3L (3 layer) technology are soft, absorbent and efficient. 100% pure and virgin cotton on the outside layers and special mix of fibers on the inside layer, prevents pads from delamination, while keeping soft surface of pure cotton on the outside.

100% cotton
100% cotton pads are fully biodegradable and compostable. At EcoWipes we produce cotton pads with technology of 3 layers, which means, outside layers are always made with pure and virgin cotton fibers and only the inside layer, which bonds the pad together is made with internally recycled skeletons obtained from the production process. Our cotton pads are very absorbent and soft, with delicate and smooth, free from “neps” surface.

100% organic cotton
Organic cotton used for EcoWipes cosmetic pads production is certified with GOTS standard and comes from certified organic farming. Organic production of cotton is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, organic production excludes genetic modification.
Market standard pads are made with not only new cotton fibres, but mainly turned back in the production process „skeletons”. They are forming the outside layers, which have contact with the skin. Because of this, they may have „neps”, which are unpleasant during usage of such product. 2 layers pads also have higher risk of delamination.
EcoWipes patented technology of 3L cosmetic pads enables us to produce pads made with 3 Layers. 2 external layers are always made with virgin cotton fibers, which are long, so don’t stay on the skin. They are soft and delicate. Skeletons coming from internal recycling are used only in the internal layer, composed by a unique mix of fibers, which prevents pads from delamination, rising pads effectiveness and performance.
In usage tests made by Hamilton Poland 160gsm 3L pads received higher rating than 210gsm cotton pads available on the market.

EcoWipes buds with 100% cotton heads have gained recognition among consumers in the whole Europe, Canada and the USA.

Hygienic buds are the products that have been produced since the beginning of our company. Our buds production is automatized and fully integrated. Even multicolor sticks, cotton slivers and plastic boxes are manufactured in-house.
Within our innovative culture, we develop new ideas to enhance our buds and their functionality – smart open-close system that we called ”center press,” colorful paper boxes and innovative round boxes are only a few of them.

Our colorful paper boxes may be FSC certified or they may come from recycled material. We are also capable of producing 100% compostable hygienic buds with paper sticks.

Cotton bud sticks made of plastic, when flushed down the toilet, are
able to slip through sewage system and get into the seas, where they
pollute water, kill marine life and litter the shores. Many countries triggered legislation changes to ban the use of plastic sticks in cotton buds. Italy has already introduced such a law in 2017. Following pressure and lobbying from SurfriderEurope, the Biodiversity Law of France has been amended with a ban on plastic-stemmed cotton buds from January 1st, 2020. The majority of biggest supermarket chains is already replacing plastic sticks with paper ones in their private label products. We are capable of producing 100% compostable hygienic buds with paper sticks (FSC® certification is also possible.)
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