Our in-house production has a great competitive advantage:
  • we have the ability to produce a diversified catalog and tailor-made nonwovens
  • we offer a very wide range of ingredients, girths, weights, shapes, patterns and production methods
  • we have a fully integrated production system, that allows to not only be more efficient and cost-effective, but also to be highly responsible for environmental impact
  • we have a perfect traceability and fully integrated production
  • we have hi-tech nonwoven production lines, which give us independence from external nonwoven suppliers

We can produce many types of nonwovens:
  • Standard: Viscose/PET
  • Natural variations: 100% Cotton, 100% Organic cotton, Cotton inside (cotton/viscose), 100% Viscose
  • Innovative and very resistant nonwoven with thoroughly progressed patterns, designed especially for wet wipes in household category, called Long Life
  • 100% PET, dustcatcher

Our high-speed production lines provide us with terrific results, such as:
  • our latest amazing developments – Long Life nonwovens for household purposes, thick, extremely resistant and with no real alternative on the market
  • our in-house special – 40 gsm high stake material for wipes, serving perfectly as the alternative to 47 gsm materials available on the market
  • our 3L (3 Layers) web for cosmetic pads made of 100% cotton on the outside and mixed fibers on the inside, giving excellent quality and economical alternatives for 210 gsm and 180 gsm 100% cotton products

Our nonwovens can be made plain or with thermo- or hydro- embossed patterns.

100% cotton nonwoven
  • resistant - cotton fibers are very resistant and thick
  • efficient - high absorption of cotton fibers provide better cleansing effect
  • absorbent - natural hydrophilic properties of cotton fibers
100% viscose nonwoven
  • soft and gentle – viscose fibers are perfect for delicate skin
  • absorbent – viscose fibers have natural hydrophilic properties
Viscose / PET nonwoven
  • strong and resistant – viscose and polyester blend gives very firm nonwoven
100% PET
  • very strong–polyester fibers are highly resistant
  • electrostatic – polyester fibers have superb dust catching properties
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