EcoWipes is an ultramodern, young company,focused on private label production, established in 2011 by experts with over 30 years of experience.

First nonwoven production line was launched in 2012. We started with offering hygenic buds. In a short time cosmetic pads production, our 100% cotton wipes and its "cotton inside" variant made of cotton-viscose mix – a fully natural and biodegradable product, was launched. Currently our lines are entirely flexible and integrated.    
We are able to produce different types of nonwovens (standard, natural, innovative – 3L, Flush, Tricell, Long Life Bio) and hygienic buds (standard, cosmetic, baby).
Soon we are opening Third Nonwoven Production Line which was developed to produce natural, innovative nonwovens.


Emergence of EcoWipes, an innovative manufacturer of products in four categories: baby, cosmetic, hygienic and household with focus on high quality private labels.

Hygienic buds line opening


Nonwoven production line opening – supported by EU (industry innovation), 100% cotton wet wipes and innovative 3L technology

Start of company certification process - BRC CP certification with the highest A grade (TUV Rheinland).


Dry wipes portfolio development

IFS HPC certificate
with the highest grade, installation of XRAY contamination detector


Second nonwoven production line, Ecocert and GOTS certificates, FSC and PEFC certified products


Compostable household wipes portfolio development.
We introduced two new, innovative non-wovens for household purposes:
  • LongLife - special non-woven tailored to household needs, resistant to stretching. It can be rinsed and re-used.
    80% natural and biodegradable, contains microfibers.
  • Scrub - double-sided nonwoven - one side for cleaning and scrubbing; second, smooth, for polishing.


Flushable wipes & toilet paper portfolio development

Introduction of paper stick to hygienic buds offer


EcoWipes becoming a European group.

EcoWipes company is now becoming a European group by the acquisition of the French company Hydra Cosmetics (from now onwards Hydra Beauty and Clean). 
EcoWipes, a leader in Europe field of wipes and cotton, recognized for its modern technologies and innovations and Hydra Cosmetics, a company with over 80 years tradition in the cotton field will now together activelly work for their Clients aiming and expertise, quality and competitivness. 


Investments in the expansion of machine park, increase in production capacity.

EcoWipes aims to continuously increase production capacity, invests in new, innovative and more efficient machines.


Opening new, third nonwoven production line.
We develop the possibility of producing natural non-wovens, including an innovative nonwoven for cosmetic
and household purposes
as well as flushable nonwoven. 
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